Introducing: The All-New Synergis

By Jerry Shi

Published January 31, 2023

The Engine for Ingenuity.

At Synergis, we invest in and support projects that aim to have a transformational impact on the status quo.

Our team has an extensive background across tech investing, fund management, and macro markets. We start with a top-down approach and seek to identify trends poised to offer exponential disruptions rather than incremental improvements.

With emerging technologies, it is important to understand how new innovations actually solve existing problems, as it is far too common for projects to build solutions looking for problems. To understand key industry choke points and potential efficiency gains, we rely on our extensive network of localized experts, as well as our own deep data-driven analysis.

At the early stage, founders are crucial to a project’s success. We seek out the one-of-ones, the founders who share our vision for the future and have the fortitude and optimism to see it through. By focusing on conviction over market consensus, we help early-stage startups gain momentum to outperform their competitors and define a new generation of technologies.

We’re relational, not transactional. Kinetic connections are at the core of Synergis. We take an active role in our portfolio companies, offering guidance and assisting at every step of the way. We believe in the Synergis Effect. By connecting our network of resources and product experts with promising founders, we can create positive externalities with all parties benefiting substantially.

As blockchain technology has matured, it offers increasingly compelling opportunities to disrupt the existing online experience. We see Web+ as a new dynamic internet, unlocked by digital ownership and a platform-first approach featuring composability and interoperability. The culture and commerce verticals will be at the forefront of Web+, offering consumers new interactions with content producers and shifting economic models that link with our digital identities.

The underlying infrastructure supporting digital commerce, from payments to adtech, can be vastly improved with blockchain technology. From instant settlement to wallet-driven data collection — new ways of transacting and reaching consumers online in a more granular way will live on the blockchain. We believe the next phase of adoption will center around massively onboarding more traditional internet users with high-quality front ends and underlying blockchain technologies behind the scenes.

Key investment areas we are exploring include:

  • Gaming — New gameplay modes leveraging player-owned assets and user-generated content with improved incentive alignment for independent creators.

We have built a proven track record of identifying core emerging trends as well as the teams and projects that will deliver results. At the same time, portfolio construction and risk management are key aspects of our investment framework. By maintaining discipline and balance, we avoid short-lived hyped trends. We believe a concentrated portfolio of companies aligned with our core thesis best allows us to add value over the long term.

We are excited to be strongly positioned in these uncertain times, ready and willing to help identify and support the next wave of generational founders. If you are building at the forefront of digital culture and commerce, please get in touch with us by visiting our website and Twitter.